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Strategic Plan

 Unanimously Approved
November 18, 2016

Strategic Plan

College of Communication and Information

2017 – 2021

Goals Only

Strategic Plan-Goals, PDF


The College of Communication and Information is a community of scholars and creators devoted to the study of communication and information and their related processes and technologies. This mission is achieved through excellence in research/creative activity, teaching and service. The college shares the values of intellectual pursuit, diversity, international and intercultural awareness, engagement and other core ideals of the University of Tennessee in the land-grant tradition.


The future of the University of Tennessee’s College of Communication and Information lies in innovative learning, scholarship, and societal engagement.  The primary aspiration of the college can be summarized in a single word: excellence. The college and its individual units will become recognized for their excellence internationally, nationally and regionally and for the caliber of their research and creative activity, teaching and service. Collaboration across the units will maximize our contributions to the university and society.


The college is committed to diversity and fosters a sense of collegiate and social community. The culture of the college includes an emphasis on the ethical responsibilities of access to information and the exercise of freedom of expression. The College promotes new knowledge creation through research and creative activities.

The college believes in and cultivates the following values.

  • Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Global and intercultural engagement
  • Freedom of expression, independent media and democracy
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Ethics, honesty and integrity
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Service, community responsibility and engagement
  • Integration of theory, practice and knowledge
  • Transdisciplinarity and relationship building


Communication and information technological innovation and/or convergence, coupled with the increasing realization of the central nature of communication and information to all aspects of a modern society, serve to underscore the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. The College of Communication and Information is charting a bold course based on leveraging its historic strengths coupled with a desire and willingness

  • To experiment and innovate
  • To embrace and face the challenges of the journey to the Top 25
  • To create and share new knowledge with the community of scholars, our students and the world
  • To strive for excellence in all of our programs that leads to international, national and regional recognition.

Our Priorities and Goals

Priority 1: The College of Communication and Information will recruit, enrich, and graduate a diverse body of undergraduate students who are prepared to enter the global community as lifelong learners and authentic leaders.

Goal A: Offer an innovative communication and information curricula for each of our undergraduate majors and minors.

Goal B: Recruit and retain outstanding undergraduate students.

Goal C: The College of Communication and Information will upgrade its equipment and facilities to provide undergraduate students with world class knowledge-creation and knowledge-dissemination environments.

Priority 2: The College of Communication and Information will strengthen graduate education through an emphasis on excellence and improvement of the graduate student experience.

Goal A: Increase the number of quality graduate students from diverse backgrounds.

Goal B: Strengthen the productivity of our graduate students in terms of research, service, and scholarship.

Goal C: Maintain dynamic graduate programs that will complement and contribute to all fields represented within the college.

Goal D: [PROGRAM SPECIFIC] Grow the master’s degree in information sciences, maintain its quality and increase its ranking.

Goal E: [PROGRAM SPECIFIC] Increase the quality and recognition of the college-wide master’s program.

Goal F: [PROGRAM SPECIFIC] Continue to increase the quality and recognition of the CCI doctoral program.

Goal G: Further invest in the graduate programs through increased resources and scholarships, as well as facility improvements.

Priority 3: The College of Communication and Information will strengthen its capacity, productivity, and recognition across its total portfolio of research, scholarship, creative activity, and engagement.

Goal A: Become an internationally recognized college for transdisciplinary communication and information scholarship.

Goal B: Become an internationally recognized college for discipline-specific scholarship.

Goal C: Encourage the formation of collaborative partnerships with key internationally-oriented research organizations.

Goal D: Encourage CCI faculty members to develop a global view of research possibilities.

Goal E: Create and maintain research laboratories.

Goal F: Provide research-dedicated space for funded research projects.

Priority 4: The College of Communication and Information will attract, retain, and recognize stellar and diverse faculty and staff who strive for excellence and proudly embody Volunteer values.

Goal A: Develop strategies and metrics to recruit high caliber and diverse faculty and staff.        

Goal B: Develop strategies and metrics to attract and retain high caliber faculty and staff.

Priority 5: The College of Communication and Information will develop a sustainable and effective resource base for the future and continue transformation of its infrastructure.

Goal A: Significantly increase the resources coming into the college from external sources.                   

Goal B: Identify opportunities to generate additional funding for CCI from internal and external sources.

Goal C: Significantly increase the resources coming into the college from internal sources.

Priority 6: The College of Communication and Information will enhance diversity and inclusion to benefit our campus.

Goal A: Create and sustain a diverse and inclusive undergraduate and graduate student community within CCI.

Goal B: Encourage undergraduate and graduate students to expand and evaluate their world view in order to become ready for the world.