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Evaluation of Doctoral Students

First-Year Review of Doctoral Students

A diagnostic review of the academic progress of each doctoral student, by the Graduate Studies Committee, is held at or near the end of the student’s first year. A diagnostic report is then sent to the student with a copy to the first-year adviser.  The purpose of the review is for diagnostic purposes. It is intended to provide an early indication of the student’s progress in the program, to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and to help the student begin to prepare for the comprehensive examination. A student whose performance is not satisfactory may be dismissed from the program.

Annual Review of Doctoral Students

All doctoral students will complete an annual report each year and will be evaluated by appropriate faculty members on progress in coursework and research. Those who have work assignments in the college will also be evaluated on the quality of their work. There are two key benefits to this process. First, it allows for a comprehensive review of a student’s progress and enables systematic identification of problems as well as successes of doctoral students. Second, it prepares students for the kind of annual report/review that they will undergo as faculty members. A copy of the annual review form is included as Appendix H.