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Q&A With Heather Peters

The College of Communication and Information has recently introduced a flexible and convenient master’s degree program, which includes fully online, asynchronous courses. The program combines elements from each of the four concentrations offered within the college, allowing students the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education.

Asynchronous courses are a great way for students to pursue a graduate degree without having to put their professional or personal lives on hold. These courses do not require set meeting times, and do not require the student to be present on campus. They are ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a higher education, while also allowing for flexibility.

Heather Peters is currently pursuing her master’s degree while also balancing a career as Assistant Director of News and Information with UT’s Office of Communication and Marketing. She has previously held positions with notable companies, such as Regal Entertainment Group and Scripps Network.

She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, with a major in broadcast journalism.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering graduate school? 

If time and resources allow, I recommend graduate school to solidify, grow, and enhance skills as well as to build confidence in key professional areas. Graduate school is a terrific opportunity for those who have worked several years and are looking to take their knowledge and career to the next level.

How do you balance working full time and attending school? Do you have any time management tips?

If you can take things slowly, I recommend not overloading on coursework just to push through a program. Balancing full time work and graduate school is challenging but doable. Take things in stride, utilize down time, and don’t procrastinate. I try and look ahead at assignments weekly and do a small amount daily to stay on track.

What made you decide to return to school to pursue a graduate degree? What drew you to the asynchronous program? 

I’ve been blessed with a lot of wonderful professional opportunities over the years and felt like the only thing missing was a graduate education, which I believe is strengthening my core skills and equipping me with important knowledge and confidence to take the next step in my career. An asynchronous program provides me with the flexibility I need to juggle full time work, a family, and studies.

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a student at UT? 

Being a student at UT through this program is providing me with rich opportunities to learn, to be challenged, and to virtually meet other communications professionals who are also working toward a common goal.