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Expenses & Funding

Will it cost more to study abroad?

Yes. However, it’s generally not a great deal more. The destination and program chosen helps determine the actual expense. Please refer to the program-specific pages for individual program costs. In fact, depending upon the program they choose, there are some bargains out there! Many students also do not realize that their existing financial aid and most of their scholarship money can be applied to approved study abroad programs. There is also additional study abroad scholarships for which students can apply.

In-State Students

There are several affordable options for Tennessee residents to study abroad. The least expensive programs are most often exchanges, although because they require a significant amount of independence, they are not the best fit for every student. There are also many affordable direct and third party programs that are not considerably more expensive than UT Knoxville, tuition, room and board and that offer more benefits. See program types in the getting started section for a brief description of the different types of programs.

Out-of-State Students

Out-of-state students should consider direct or third party provider study abroad programs instead of exchanges. These programs are frequently less than the cost of attending UT Knoxville.

Summer or Mini-Term Programs

While the PAO strongly encourages students to study abroad for a semester or academic year, we recognize that some students will prefer to study abroad on programs with shorter durations. With that in mind, the PAO offers many shorter programs offered during mini-term or summer. Many of these programs are quite affordable, but please note that often scholarships and other financial aid do not apply to programs less than a semester in length. This frequently makes summer programs more expensive in terms of your “out-of-pocket” expenses than semester programs. Shorter does not always mean cheaper!

Where can I get funding for study abroad?

Students should also be aware that Federal Financial Aid is available for students who wish to study abroad. For more information on these programs and requirements click here.

Another way to gain international experience, in addition to a semester or program, is to participate in work abroad or internship programs, as some of these provide remuneration. For more information about internship/work abroad programs click here.

Is it possible to get a discount for tuition?

Tuition discounts only apply to exchange and UT Knoxville faculty-led programs, and only for tuition, hence the term “tuition” discount. There is no discount for other charges such as room, board, depositsor other program fees.

Note: Students participating in UT Knoxville faculty-led spring break, mini-term or summer programs will pay their tuition through VolXpress and the tuition discount will apply. The discount does not apply to the Program Fee paid to the Programs Abroad Office. The Program Fee covers the expenses of the program, it does not cover tuition, hence tuition discounts do not apply.

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