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CCI Faculty, Graduate Students Present at 2021 AEJMC Conference

Torchbearer in Circle Park

Faculty and graduate students from the College of Communication and Information presented eight research papers and a poster at the 2021 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) annual conference.

Twelve CCI faculty from the School of Advertising and Public Relations and the School of Journalism and Electronic Media served as panelists, moderators, and discussants.

Faculty serving in AEJMC leadership roles include: CCI dean emeritus Mike Wirth on the Executive Committee, JEM associate professor Amber Roessner on the Standing Committee for Research, and JEM assistant professor Joy Jenkins as head of the Magazine Media Division. ADPR associate professor Moonhee Cho was an AEJMC 2020-21 Institute for Diverse Leadership Fellow and served as a member fo the AEJMC Research Committee.

JEM assistant professor Mustafa Oz took second place in the Gene Burd Faculty Research Paper Competition for his paper, “Fear of Surveillance: Examining Social Media Users’ Perception of Surveillance and Willingness to Express Opinion on Social Media.” Senior lecturer Melanie Faizer tied for first place in the Champions of Editing Teaching and Research competition for her work on “Be a New York Times Digital Headline Editor.”

Cultural and Critical Studies Division

“Interrogating Perceptions of Risk and Responsibility in Sports During the Coronavirus Pandemic” by Charli Kerns (C&I PhD ’21)

Law and Policy Division

“Thirty Years After Chandler v. Florida: Chauvin Trial Shows Flaws in ‘Cameras in the Courts’” by Assistant Professor of Practice Michael Martinez

Advertising Division

“Brand Activism and Political Consumerism” Understanding Determinants of Consumers’ Boycotting and Boycotting Behaviors in the Context of Brand Activism” by Associate Professor Moonhee Cho and PhD student Minjeong Kim.

Political Communication Division

“Wealth Mindset and Political Division” by Professor Mark Harmon

Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Division

“Embedded Contexts and Multilayered Interactions: User Comments and Interactions Analysis on YouTube Related to Climate Change” by Assistant Professor Sifan Xu, PhD student Anna Kochingina, master’s student Shelby Luttman

Mass Communication and Society Division

“Why and How People Avoid News During the Coronavirus Pandemic: An Analysis of News Repertoire” by Professor Barb Kaye and Chang Sup Park (SUNY Albany)

Communication Technology Division: Gene Burd Faculty Research Paper Competition

“Fear of Surveillance: Examining Social Media Users’ Perception of Surveillance and Willingness to Express Opinion on Social Media” by Assistant Professor Mustafa Oz – Second Place Faculty Paper

Sports Communication Interest Group

“Covering the Rooney Rule: A Content Analysis of Print Coverage of NFL Head Coach” by Assistant Professor Guy Harrison, Charli Kerns (PhD ’21) and Jason Stamm (PhD ’21)

Poster Session
Online Information Processing

“Uncivil Versus Intolerant: Examining InCivility on Social Media Discussions” by Assistant Professor Mustafa Oz

CCI discussants, moderators, and panelists included: ADPR professor Robyn Blakeman, ADPR associate professor Courtney Childers, ADPR associate professor Moonhee Cho, ADPR director and professor Beth Foster, JEM professor Mark Harmon, JEM assistant professor Joy Jenkins, recent PhD graduate Charli Kerns, JEM director and professor Catherine Luther, JEM associate professor Amber Roessner, JEM associate professor Erin Whiteside, CCI dean emeritus Mike Wirth, and ADPR assistant professor Sifan Xu.