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Master’s Student Q&A: Kylie Julius

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Kylie Julius (CS ’18) is pursuing her master’s degree Communication & Information with an emphasis in communication studies. 

During her master’s degree program, she researched interpersonal and organizational conflict, particularly in the effects of workplace bullying. Julius intends to pursue a doctorate in the future and teach in a university setting.  

Why did you choose Tennessee and the CCI program for your master’s degree?

I always felt at home within the College of Communication and Information. The professors in the Communication Studies department watched out for me throughout my college career.

Tell us about your research/major projects as part of the C&I program. 

I have had several research/major projects throughout my time with the Communication and Information program. My research area of interest centers around interpersonal and organizational conflict. Specifically, my thesis work seeks to understand more about workplace bullying and its effects on an organization’s bottom-line, coworkers, and upper management teams.

Tell us about a professor (or professors) that have made a positive impact on your studies or career outlook.

There are so many professors that have made a positive impact on my studies at the University of Tennessee. I would not be in the Master’s Program without Dr. Virginia Kupritz. She recommended that I apply to the program, as did Dr. John Haas. Their professional guidance and willingness to invest in developing my studies has propelled me to where I am today. Dr. Courtney Wright inspired and amazed me with her knowledge and skills in more than just Communication Studies. She is the reason I am so interested in interpersonal and organizational conflict, and I aspire to be as insightful and brilliant as she is one day. Dr. Emily Paskewitz has taught me how important it is to remain positive and focused throughout my college career, and her door is always open to have a meaningful discussion about current research being studied in the field, exciting opportunities within the Communication Studies program, or just life in general. Dr. Michelle Violanti has always challenged my way of thinking in an uplifting and thoughtful way that allows for me to learn and grow within my studies. Dr. Joan Rentsch has shown me magnificent support, especially throughout this past year. She is serving as chair of my thesis committee, and I could not be luckier to have her as a professor, mentor, and adviser. 

All of these professors and many more have positively assisted in my career outlook and studies. I would not be a Master Volunteer without them.

What are your career goals/plans? 

My plan is to apply for my PhD at several different universities including the University of Tennessee. I will be taking a year off from school to further develop my work experience and save money. The end goal is to become Dr. Julius, teach at a university, and work in real-world organizations, instilling positive change as it pertains to communication processes and practices.