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Academic Credit Hours

Can students transfer their credits to UT?

If students study abroad on a PAO approved program (see below for the faculty-led program exception), their foreign courses will transfer back to UT Knoxville provided that they: earn an equivalent grade of “C” or better, the courses are not remedial or vocational/technicalin nature and do not duplicate already completed courses. Grades earned on an approved study abroad program will not be calculated into your UT Knoxville GPA. So in short, credits transfer back, but grades do not. Keep in mind that if students plan on applying to graduate or professional school, the original transcripts from their study abroad program may be examined during the application processes, so they need to remain academically responsible while abroad.

NOTE: It is advisable that students return from abroad with course materials that document the content covered (i.e. course syllabi, list of reading materials, papers, exams, etc.). This material will facilitate the awarding of appropriate transfer credit.

Students who participate on a UT Knoxville faculty-led program, they will receive a grade and specific course credit just as they would if they enrolled in the same class on campus. Grades received on faculty-led programs will be calculated into their UT Knoxville GPA.

During the study abroad, PAO will register students for a temporary “study abroad” course to maintain their full-time enrollment at UT Knoxville. The credits they earned while studying abroad program will be substituted for this course after their program ends and their transcript are received.

Will it delay students’ graduation?

Many academic departments allow students to study abroad during their final year as an undergraduate. Please note that if they are studying abroad during their final semester, it is very likely they will graduate the following term. Study abroad transcripts often do not arrive until midway through the following semester.

Do students have to go for a semester?

We offer summer and intersession programs in addition to our semester programs. The study abroad experience is not limited to a specific duration. We believe all students going abroad will benefit and hope they can find a program that best suits their schedule.

Shouldn’t students spend time doing an internship, not an international experience?

Students do have the time. Some of our programs are even designed with a sequence-specific internship that earns their school credit. Individual planning and preparing with their academic, financial, and study abroad advisors will help them decide the best time for you to go. This is the time in their life for learning and experiencing as much as they can academically, personally, and professionally

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