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April 2013: Student News

Medal of HonorJEM Collaborates with Medal of Honor Project
With the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s 2014 convention being held in Knoxville, the School of Journalism and Electronic Media has agreed to participate in an ongoing educational initiative by students, faculty and staff to document the stories of those awarded with this highest military honor ( The JEM Medal of Honor Project is being led by Assistant Professor Nick Geidner.
During the first JEM Medal of Honor Project event, a 45-minute sit-down interview with Medal of Honor recipient Col. Walter “Joe” Marm,  JEM students demonstrated an unrivaled level of professionalism.
“Not only did our students impress me, they also impressed the people running the Knoxville convention,” said Geidner.  The local convention organizer, Joe Thompson, sent an email to UT Vice Chancellor for Student Life Tim Rogers praising Geidner’s students for their work. “Yesterday after the luncheon we brought Joe [Marm] by [UT’s] TV studio for the Journalism students to interview him on camera.  The interview was outstanding. If you look at all the interviews Joe has done on YouTube (literally dozens) this was by far the best interview.  He really opened up to the students.  There were things he told them in that interview I am relatively certain he has never mentioned; at least not in any of the interviews I have seen.  It was a great opportunity for the students, and they took advantage of it.  We will certainly be bringing more of the recipients by the Journalism school in the future.”
JEM Students Win Video Award
Two Journalism and Electronic Media (JEM) students have been recognized for outstanding work on two videos.  Both video projects were guided by JEM Associate Professor Bob Legg.
Gabi Caballero and Sara Corkern, both JEM seniors, tied for first place in the Hodges Library’s Free Range Video Contest screened on Tuesday, April 16 in the Hodges Library auditorium. During the screening, the audience voted live for their favorite documentary. Awards were also made to the top three videos chosen by a committee of student and faculty film and storytelling enthusiasts.
Caballero’s documentary was titled, “Effervescence” (The art of dancing through the mask of a scuba diver). Corkern’s documentary was titled, “deweyeyes.”  Caballero and Corkern are currently working/interning at Jupiter Entertainment.  Both are also students in JEM 446 and working with that class on a documentary about UT Chancellor’s Professor, printmaker and prankster, Beauvais Lyons.
The annual Free Range Video Contest is sponsored by the Studio in the Hodges Library Commons. The contest was open to all UT students, faculty, and staff. Entrants were able to borrow cameras and get technical help in the Studio.
Conquering Exam Week Stress
Once again, CCI is one the campus sites for De-stress for Success during exam week.  A part of Dewey’s Den on the fourth floor of the Communication’s Building was reserved for H.A.B.I.T. volunteers and their dogs to set up a comfort station.  Students can drop by and spend a little quality time with these animals.  Research has shown this type of activity can help students relax a bit and even perform better on exams
A post on the H.A.B.I.T. Facebook page indicated that one student participant was overheard saying, “I am so glad that I transferred here, my old school did not care if we were stressed.”
WBIR-TV, Knoxville’s local NBC affiliate, stopped by to cover the event.
Director and Professor Ed Cortez of the School of Information Sciences was the catalyst for CCI’s inclusion in the exam week activities.  His Big Idea can be seen here: