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SCL Access


Off-hours access to the Scripps Convergence Lab first requires that your PIN be authorized for the space. You’ll use the same PIN as on the classrooms, but check with your departmental secretary to make sure you’re in the SCL , too. (They may need to check with Beth who may need to check with Pearce Didier.)

The security system has both a mag-lock on the two doors and a motion sensor that are monitored by UT Police’s Central Alarm group. When you want in the lab you need to disarm and unlock the system, when you leave you should lock and arm. There is also video security but you don’t need to do anything with that.

When you successfully enter a lock or unlock code you will probably hear the maglocks catch or release. You might also check to see that the front door is fully closed before leaving. You can also call Central Alarm at 974-0808 for assistance.

Access is controlled from a keypad in the hall under the dedication plaque. The key sequences all end with a # and you should know:

     *12# – ARM
     *13# – DISARM
     *15# – LOCK
     *16# – UNLOCK


So, say your PIN is 9999, when you want to open the lab you would enter the following string (spaces are just for clarity):

9999# *13# *16#

and to leave:

9999# *15# *12#
UT Central Alarm: 974-0808