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CCI Land Ambassadors

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the CCI Ambassadors Program is to assist the College of Communication & Information with student recruitment, alumni relations, community outreach, student retention and college events, and to help the college tell its story to a variety of important constituencies. Prospective students will be contacted by a CCI Ambassadors after requesting a campus tour. Also, Ambassadors talk with prospective students who want to learn more about the college or university as a whole, or simply discuss communication as a potential career. The Land Ambassador program is funded by CCI graduate and Jupiter Entertainment CEO Stephen Land and his wife, Nancy.

2021-22 Land Ambassadors

Courtney Gibson

Major: Journalism & Electronic Media

I chose UT last minute, almost four years ago, because it was the largest school closest to home. Looking back on this decision and being given another chance, I would choose this school without hesitation. The sense of unity and Volunteer spirit is rare. Anywhere you look on campus, there is always someone willing to help.

I am proud to be a VOL and will forever be a part of the CCI family.

Jayna Gilkey

Major: Advertising
Minor: Business Administration 

My favorite thing about UT is the commitment to being a Volunteer family, and the Volunteer Spirit. The atmosphere of our campus is what initially drew me in, but the community and the people are what keeps me here.

UT is truly home sweet home to me.

Erynn Love

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Retail Consumer Science

What I like most about the College of Communication & Information is that even though the University is large, the College is small enough that I see familiar faces every day. I am comfortable here.

I have learned that the best way to make friends is to join extra-curricular activities. Getting out of the routine is also a great stress reliever. I’ve always been a Vol fan, and the phrase “Vols help Vols” is very much a thing! No matter where I am, if I’m wearing Tennessee gear there’s always someone willing to help!

Tristan Maryanski

Major: Public Relations
Minor: Business Administration

When I took my first tour of UT’s campus, I immediately felt like this was where I needed to be. Now that I am going into my senior year, I’m so glad I chose UT. There is so much to get involved in!

I chose Public Relations as my major because I am fascinated by the relationship between communication and the digital world, and how social media and marketing can change the consumer experience. The College of Communication & Information has helped me develop my professional skills while continuing my education and I am so happy to be a Vol!

Holly Parkins

Major: Information Sciences

In the College of Communication & Information, the staff and students are so interested in you and your story. It’s not just a college with classes, it’s professors with knowledge and connections that they want to share with their students. That’s something truly special. I love how everywhere you look you can find a helping hand on campus. There is a help center for everything and my professors appreciate that students reach out for help.

The phrase “VOLS help VOLS” is true! For me, there’s just this feeling of “being home” when you come to UT’s campus. I love the environment and the honor of becoming a VOL. Also, I love Tennessee Football!