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Join the Journey

Case for Support

Join the journeyThe College of Communication and Information serves as the cornerstone for the “The Long Orange Line.” We are the product of our legacy and the stewards of the future for generations of communication and information professionals. We hold sacred the trust we have been given to educate future leaders and visionaries, inspire our alumni and provide research that will lead our professions into an even brighter tomorrow.

In order to be among the top-tier, nationally recognized institutions, we must attract and retain internationally recognized faculty and top-performing students. Innovative academic programs, cutting-edge research along with first-rate technology and an emphasis on experiential learning are an integral part of our journey.

To retain and attract internationally recognized faculty and outstanding students, we must provide an increasingly stimulating and supportive environment. To do this, we must offer enhanced options for graduate and undergraduate fellowships and scholarships. We must also innovate and invest in our programs, technology and learning environments.

Every day UT becomes a better institution making us a better investment for our students and the state. We invite you to join us on our journey!

College Priorities

Faculty Support: $4,000,000

To attract and retain outstanding faculty who will proudly represent our campus, embrace our vision, and exemplify our values, funds are needed for

  • Faculty Chairs & Professorships
  • Professional Development & Innovation

Graduate Fellowships: $500,000

The best graduate students choose programs that provide significant monetary support along with access to internationally recognized faculty. To remain competitive, the College of Communication and Information must increase graduate fellowships to attract Masters and PhD students of the highest quality.

Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships: $2,000,000

The future of the UT College of Communication and Information lies in innovative learning, scholarship, and societal engagement. To achieve these goals, CCI must raise additional scholarship funds to attract, retain and graduate the best and brightest undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Need-Based Scholarships: $1,500,000

Beyond Tennessee Pledge & Promise

The Tennessee Pledge and Promise Scholarships make an education at Tennessee’s flagship land-grant university a reality for many. Qualifying students from low-income families are eligible for Promise scholarships. Admitted students from families with incomes of less than $40,000 are eligible for Pledge scholarships. Many of these scholarship recipients are first-generation college students. Need-based scholarships beyond these state programs are critical for those students who have needs beyond the basics and/or unique circumstances.

Strategic Initiatives: $7,000,000

Dean’s Excellence Fund/College Fund

The Dean’s Excellence Fund helps create internship support and provides tuition assistance and funding for various need-based programs in the college. The flexibility of the funding allows the college to respond to new opportunities and short-term issues.

Facilities Upgrades

The facilities in the college have gone through tremendous change in the past decade. More upgrades are needed to improve the quality and number of high quality classrooms along with teaching and research labs. Funding to renovate existing and future acquired spaces and to increase spaces for small groups and teams to gather and collaborate will allow us to continue to bring our building into the 21st century.

New Programs

Technology and software require constant updating and replacement. It is critical to provide hands-on experience to our students with the most current technology and software. Doing so provides them with the ability to adapt and learn in preparation for productive careers.

Diversity and Inclusion/Global Education

The college has been a campus leader with respect to diversity and inclusion and study abroad. Expanding opportunities for our students in these areas requires additional support.

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