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Registration is required of all graduate students when they use university facilities and/or faculty time. Registration allows use of services such as library checkout, laboratories, and recreation facilities not open to the public. If students are working on a dissertation (course number 600), thesis (500), or project (590), they should be appropriately registered for that class. If students simply need to maintain registration, but are not actively working with a faculty member on a specific project, they should register for “use of facilities” using the 502 designation. Doctoral students who begin taking dissertation credit hours must do so continuously, including during the full summer session, until they successfully defend their dissertation.

Information concerning registration is available in the Timetable of Classes which is available online. A registration period is scheduled during each semester for the subsequent semester. See the Timetable for details on when courses may be added and dropped and the costs for late registration fees.

For a student not on an assistantship, the minimum for full-time classification is 12 semester hours. The maximum hours that can be taken without special permission is 15. For students on assistantships, full-time study is defined as a minimum of 9 hours for those on a 25 percent assignment and 6 hours for those on a 50 percent assignment.