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Appendix H – Annual Review of Doctoral Students

Doctoral students will complete an annual report each year and will be evaluated by appropriate faculty members on progress in coursework and research. Those who have work assignments in the college will also be evaluated on the quality of their work. There are two key benefits to this process. First, it allows for a comprehensive review of a student’s progress and enables systematic identification of problems as well as successes of doctoral students. Second, it prepares students for the kind of annual report/review that they will undergo as faculty members. 

All students complete Section I of the report, which focuses on self-assessment of coursework and research. First-year students are also expected to complete program plans by April 1 of their first year – that plan requires much more attention to coursework. All students who are funded by the college for research and/or teaching, will complete Section II – an assessment of research/teaching activities. It is also due February 1. Students will submit their annual report to the associate dean’s office (Com 302). The reports will be reviewed by the associate dean, student advisers, and faculty involved in supervising the work of the students. If all feedback is relatively positive, a summary of the reviews may be simply given to the student and a copy will be filed in the associate dean’s office. If improvements are needed, the associate dean may meet with the student to discuss an action plan for achieving those improvements. If serious problems arise that result in the need to relieve a student of an assistantship, this will be done early enough to open that line to another student.