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Appendix E – Theory and Method Intensive Courses

The following lists provide guidance to doctoral students planning primary and cognate concentration area coursework. As noted in the Degree Requirements Section, within primary and cognate areas, a total of 6 credit hours must be from theory-intensive courses and 6 hours must be from methods-intensive classes. Courses both inside and outside the college (including graduate-level courses in the schools) may be identified as theory- and/or method-intensive. To be considered theory intensive, the course should include a significant volume of theory-based readings and should require students to do assignments that draw strongly on that theory base. To be considered method intensive, the course should provide instruction in use of one or more research methods and require students to employ that method in an original research project.

Theory Intensive Courses

  • ADVT 510 Advertising and Society
  • ADVT 520 Advertising and Communication Theory
  • 680 Theory Course in ADVT, CMST, INSC, JREM, or PBRL
  • CMST 510 Survey of Interpersonal Communication
  • CMST 540 Survey of Organizational Communication
  • INSC 536 The Information Society
  • JREM 520 Seminar in Political Communication
  • JREM 522 Seminar in Journalism Issues and Theory
  • JREM 525 Public Opinion
  • PBRL 525 Public Opinion
  • PBRL 540 Public Relations Management

Method Intensive Courses

  • ADVT 530 Advertising and Public Relations Research
  • CCI 640 Advanced Communication and Information Research Methods
  • CCI 643 Qualitative Com & Info Research II
  • CCI 644 Quantitative Com & Info Research II
  • CMST 542 Communication and Ethnography
  • CMST 505 Human Communication Research Methods
  • JREM 512 Mass Media Research Methods