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Appendix D – PhD Program Planning Form

The College of Communication & Information offers a single Doctor of Philosophy in Communication and Information. The office of the associate dean manages application to the program and management of progress through the program. Concentrations are not tightly defined because students are encouraged to think in interdisciplinary ways about the broad fields of communication and information. However, the interests of doctoral students are usually most closely aligned with one of the four schools in the college and students are encouraged to seek advice from faculty members in that school about how best to define a primary area of study that prepares them for the academic and professional areas they will pursue upon completion of the degree. The program planning form outlines the basic structure of the program. The student and first-year adviser should complete this form by the due date. As the student continues to take coursework, the plan may need to be amended – particularly as the student more clearly defines a secondary area. Doctoral students must finalize the course plan and have it approved by all members of the comprehensive exam committee prior to taking the exam.