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Admission Requirements and Application Procedure

Individuals interested in applying to either the college-wide master’s or doctoral program should go to the University of Tennessee Graduate Admissions Application Online Submission site (online submission). Via that online portal, information regarding the procedural steps involved in the application process as well as the required material are provided. 

Applicants to the college-wide graduate programs must meet admission requirements of the Graduate Council. In addition, applicants (doctoral only; optional for Master’s) must complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), submit a minimum of three reference letters and provide other application material as required by the College of Communication and Information.

New students begin classes in the fall semester. 

The application deadline is January 15. Application for funding is also due by January 15.  

Admissions for M.S. in Communication and Information

A baccalaureate degree in communication or a related field is recommended. Admission is possible with other baccalaureate degrees. However, all applicants without the appropriate background may be required to take up to 18 semester hours of pre-requisite and/or co-requisite courses.  

At the time of application, students indicate an intended concentration. The student’s record is reviewed by representatives of the appropriate school and the associate dean’s office to identify any pre-requisite or co-requisite courses needed for that concentration. If a student should later decide to switch to a different concentration, the student must resubmit an application form. The appropriate school director (or his/her designee) responsible for the new concentration area will review that form as well as the student’s academic record and determine whether the student is qualified for the new concentration. If so, the director/designee may identify additional courses needed to ensure the student is prepared for a career in the concentration area.

Minimum requirements normally include a 3.0 (4.0 system) grade-point average in undergraduate studies and Graduate Record Examination scores are optional.

Admissions for M.S. in Information Sciences

Please contact the School of Information Sciences for information about admissions into this degree program. Note that a separate handbook is available that details program requirements, advising, and other relevant information for this master’s degree.

Admissions for Ph.D. in Communication and Information

The master’s degree is required for entry into the doctoral program. The following are normally minimal requirements for admission to full potential candidate status.

  • A 3.0 (4.0 system) grade-point average in undergraduate studies, and 3.5 for graduate work.
  • At or above the 50th percentile in verbal, quantitative and analytical aptitude on the Graduate Record Examination.
  • Recommendation letters and/or rating forms from at least three former teachers or professional colleagues.
  • A statement of the applicant’s goals and reasons for pursuing the doctorate. 
  • Personal interviews with members of the Graduate Studies Committee may be required. 
  • Professional experience in some field of communication and/or information is a desirable criterion for admission, but is not a requirement.
  • For students whose native language is not English and who have not earned an earlier degree at an American college or university, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. The exam must have been taken within the last two years. Students should show mastery of the English language.