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BOV member spotlight – Tori Blase '93

In each issue of the Circle Park News, we feature one or more members of the CCI Board of Visitors through a Q&A session. This feature is on BOV member Tori Blase.

Tori BlaseTori Blase earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting from UTK in 1993. She currently works as the executive producer and supervisor of the prime time CNN line-up. While at UT, Tori was a member of NBS/AERho and Delta Gamma. She has 2 young daughters and enjoys reading, photography, mentoring, running, swimming and horseback riding.

CCI – How and when did you first get involved (on a volunteer basis) with CCI?  

Tori – I was honored to become involved last year when asked by Dean Wirth.

CCIIn your view, what is the most important or impactful role you’ve played as a volunteer?  

Tori – I truly enjoy being part of the BOV meetings. I love submitting ideas and hearing the wonderful ideas submitted by the other board members.

CCIWhy have you chosen to support the college (financially and/or with your time)? Why do you see this as important?  

Tori – I am pleased to be able to give back in a small way to CCI as I truly enjoyed my college experience and feel like my success post-college has so much to do with my years at UT.

CCIWhat do you hope to accomplish during your term with the BOV?  

Tori – I want to continue to be a part of the BOV meetings and offer up ideas that can be used by CCI to improve its programs.

CCIIf someone is considering volunteerism as a way to “give back” to the University, what advice would you have for them? Why should they do it? 

Tori – Remember back when we were in school, and how just one alum might have made all the difference in the career path we picked and are now on. It only takes one person to make a difference in the life and career of another person.

CCIWhat from your UT and CCI experience has “stuck with you” during life since graduating?

Tori – The friends that I made while in school at UT who were Broadcasting grads; we are all still friends and have supported one another throughout our careers. I think we are a very unique group doing great things post-college. This speaks volumes for CCI.  From our classes and internships, our trips to NYC, LA and Atlanta, working at the radio station, and shooting news packages for class, to the encouragement we received to apply for fellowships, scholarships and so much more, it was all a very positive experience!

CCIWhat is your favorite memory from your time as a student at UT?  

Tori – Some of my most memorable moments as a student at UT were the AERho trips around the country. We learned so much visiting the networks, CNN, etc. and had a great time traveling together.

CCIAnything else you’d like to share?  

Tori – I love talking to CCI students and professors when they come to CNN in Atlanta, and I enjoy showing them around CNN’s newsroom and studios.