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2020 CCI Virtual Commencement

2020 CCI Virtual Commencement – Links & Information

The virtual celebration for College of Communication and Information spring and summer graduates will be highlighted by the University on Friday, May 8, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. Throughout the day, please share your memories or graduation celebrations with family on social media, using the hashtags #UTGrad2020 and #CCIGrad2020. We are so proud of you!

CCI Virtual Commencement Celebration

SIS Virtual Hooding Celebration (Password Protected)

All University Virtual Commencement Celebrations

Additional CCI Graduate Information

2020 CCI Spring & Summer Graduates

Undergraduate – Spring Graduates

Kerri Rachel Adkins, Communication Studies
Mackenzie Lynn Adkins, Public Relations
Shahirahlyn Sarah Ali, Journalism & Electronic Media
Kelly Marie Alley, Journalism & Electronic Media
Brianna Lynn Altmaier, Advertising
Emily Catherine Arnold, Advertising
Logan Mark Augspurger, Communication Studies
Joshua Marc Baker, Communication Studies
Samantha Renate Baker, Communication Studies
Samantha Ballin, Public Relations
Ansley Kathleen Bancroft, Communication Studies
Rylee B Barnes, Journalism & Electronic Media
Mararious Beals, Advertising
Sean Brandon Becker, Advertising
Rachel Erin Bish, Public Relations
Kristina Michele Bone, Journalism & Electronic Media
Jacob Dudley Boughter, Journalism & Electronic Media
William Edwin Bowers, Communication Studies
Madison Erin Bowling, Journalism & Electronic Media
Connor Giles Brady, Public Relations
John Andrew Brock, Journalism & Electronic Media
Devante Brooks, Communication Studies
Alyssa Nicole Brown, Advertising
Carson Mckenna Brown, Advertising
Douglas Parker Brown, Journalism & Electronic Media
William Charles Burns, Communication Studies
Jeffery Dallas Bush, Public Relations
Richard J Cadigan, Communication Studies
Kiernan Donnelly, Callahan Communication Studies
Madison Beth, Cameron Journalism & Electronic Media
Jordan Moran, Carlson Public Relations
Abigail Carroll, Communication Studies
Isaac Matthew Carver, Communication Studies
Kelly Chiu, Communication Studies
Alexa Michele Christensen, Communication Studies
Lauren Mckenna Claxton, Journalism & Electronic Media
Allie Clouse, Journalism & Electronic Media
Hannah Marie Clyde, Communication Studies
Jacob Michael Collins, Communication Studies
Virginia Catherine Conners, Communication Studies
Madison S Corkrean, Advertising
Chandler Hayes Counts, Communication Studies
Margaret Sherman Cowens, Communication Studies
Rosemary Elizabeth Cunningham, Advertising
Joshua Timothy Current, Journalism & Electronic Media
Victoria Nicole Curry, Public Relations
Ginny Mcgovern Dalton, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Grace Darlington, Communication Studies
Max Ray Amaru Davenport, Communication Studies
Kelsey L Davis, Public Relations
Kennedy B Davis, Advertising
Elizabeth Denise Dayhuff, Journalism & Electronic Media
Luke De Avila, Communication Studies
Julia S Dergunov, Advertising
Emma Victoria Dew, Advertising
Ayana Dillahunt-Scott, Journalism & Electronic Media
Molly Claire Domkowski, Journalism & Electronic Media
Carolyn Clare Donahue, Public Relations
Molly Gray Duncan, Communication Studies
Bradley Keith Durand, Communication Studies
Marissa O’Donnell Esposito, Advertising
Adeline B Farmer, Communication Studies
Grace L Francis, Public Relations
Jacqueline J Fye, Communication Studies
Kristen Garvey, Communication Studies
Loren Grace Gilbert, Public Relations
Jenna Lynn Giorgi, Public Relations
Anthony W Gourgy, Communication Studies
Collin Wilks Green, Journalism & Electronic Media
Tristan Chase Hackett, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Anne Hahn, Communication Studies
Hayden Elise Hall, Communication Studies
Stevie Ray Hamer, Journalism & Electronic Media
Margaret Lovell Hamilton, Public Relations
Laura Leigh Harris, Public Relations
Allison Renee Hart, Advertising
Rrita Hashani, Journalism & Electronic Media
Jessika L Hickman, Communication Studies
Jamie Nicole Hilborn, Advertising
William Alexander Hilburn, Communication Studies
Madeline Shafer Holcomb, Public Relations
Reagan Charlotte Homan, Public Relations
Elizabeth Connelly Hoots, Communication Studies
Anna Burghen House, Advertising
Brooke Ellen Houser, Communication Studies
Caleb Hunt Howard, Communication Studies
Cameron Allen Howell, Journalism & Electronic Media
Zack Bowman Isaacs, Communication Studies
Hannah Elizabeth James, Public Relations
Christian Matthew Jetton, Public Relations
Callie Victoria Johnson, Public Relations
Abigail Rae Jones, Communication Studies
Caroline Kirk Jordan, Journalism & Electronic Media
Reed F Joyce, Advertising
Rachel M Katzara, Communication Studies
Edwin Augustus Keeble, Journalism & Electronic Media
Kelly Alana Keheley, Communication Studies
Jesse Lynn Kelly, Journalism & Electronic Media
Christina Grace Kill, Communication Studies
Ashley D Koszarek, Communication Studies
Hannah B Lagoski, Advertising
Pender Victoria Lanam, Communication Studies
Abigail Bailey Leathers, Public Relations
Jemima Addison Ledbetter, Communication Studies
Broderick Douglas Leftridge, Communication Studies
Katherine Leslie, Public Relations
Stephanie June Lewis, Advertising
Braden Thomas Lype, Communication Studies
Katie Ann Maddox, Communication Studies
Nicole Catherine Maestri, Advertising
Hailey Lauren Manus, Communication Studies
Grayson H Marshall, Public Relations
Alexis Marie Martin, Public Relations
Peyton Christopher Martin, Journalism & Electronic Media
Kellie Austin May, Public Relations
Madison Hannah Mays, Advertising
Kiaja Imon Mccabe, Journalism & Electronic Media
Colin A Mccarl, Communication Studies
Lukas W Mccrary, Advertising
Kelsey Nicole Mcdonald, Journalism & Electronic Media
Matthew James Mclaughlin, Public Relations
Alexander Thomas Mcmillan, Communication Studies
Sarah G Melancon, Advertising
Johanna Marie Mettler, Public Relations
Lauren Elizabeth Meyers, Journalism & Electronic Media
Josiah Scott Mikkelson, Communication Studies
Rebecca Hailey Mink, Public Relations
Rebecca Kate Mitchell, Public Relations
Ashleigh Peyton Mooneyhan, Journalism & Electronic Media
Addie Layne Morton, Journalism & Electronic Media
Mary Carter Mullins, Communication Studies
Carl Emerson Myers, Journalism & Electronic Media
Thomas Wade Neal, Journalism & Electronic Media
Katharine Elizabeth Nehls, Journalism & Electronic Media
Adam J Nelson, Advertising
Shane Michael O’Connell, Advertising
Paul Christopher Omer, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Elaine Ouellette, Communication Studies
Nicole Alexandra Painter, Journalism & Electronic Media
Derrick Andrea Parks, Communication Studies
Abigail Christiana Parlier, Communication Studies
Alyson Michelle Parris, Journalism & Electronic Media
Anna Claire Pearson, Public Relations
Shelby Lauren Pendergrast, Communication Studies
Jonathan Alexander Perez, Communication Studies
Samuel Robert Perez, Advertising
Dianna Jane Perry, Communication Studies
Matthew John Peterson, Journalism & Electronic Media
Olivia Grace Pinsoneault, Public Relations
Zachary Piontkowski, Journalism & Electronic Media
Sarah Keever Plemmons, Journalism & Electronic Media
Daniel J Price, Communication Studies
Caroline Amelia Prifti, Public Relations
Hannah Elizabeth Puckett, Communication Studies
Courtney Elizabeth Rader, Journalism & Electronic Media
Jessica Anne Reed, Advertising
Mariah Gabrielle Reid, Public Relations
Hannah Leeanne Riddle, Communication Studies
Logan Ridenour, Journalism & Electronic Media
Austin S Riggsbee, Advertising
Grant Steele Rittenberry, Communication Studies
Katelyn Ann Robinson, Public Relations
Jasmine Michele Rogers, Advertising
Connor Austin Rollins, Communication Studies
Alexander Peyton Rolph, Journalism & Electronic Media
Ireland Elizabeth Rowe, Communication Studies
Rachel Lauren Rubadue, Journalism & Electronic Media
Julia Kalb Sachs, Advertising
Kennedy Elaine Sanders, Communication Studies
Cory Darren Barry Sanning, Journalism & Electronic Media
Morgan Saul, Communication Studies
Jayden Boyd Saunders, Advertising
Brianna Brooke Scalf, Public Relations
Cameron Leigh Scott, Public Relations
Courtney Elizabeth Shields, Communication Studies
Tyler Thomas Shingleton, Communication Studies
Victoria Verret Smith, Communication Studies
Corey Michael Spurling, Communication Studies
Hannah Beth Stanley, Journalism & Electronic Media
Thomas John Steward, Journalism & Electronic Media
Nathan Maurice Stoner, Communication Studies
Anna Elizabeth Stout, Public Relations
Cheyanne Lacey Sudduth, Public Relations
Alexis Taylor Sutton, Communication Studies
Gabriela K Szymanowska, Journalism & Electronic Media
Lilli E Tillman, Communication Studies
Macee F Tinker, Communication Studies
Marcella Tocco, Journalism & Electronic Media
Autumn Rose Townsend, Advertising
Marina A Trikones, Journalism & Electronic Media
Macy Wells Vaughan, Communication Studies
Chloe Emma Venegoni, Public Relations
Jonathan Martin Vinson, Communication Studies
Chloe Chenault Wall, Public Relations
Megan Walsh, Journalism & Electronic Media
Zack Chandler Weatherly, Communication Studies
Kerry Leeann Webb, Public Relations
Abigail O’Leary Weir, Public Relations
Lachlan West, Advertising
Evan C White, Communication Studies
Rebecca Lynn White, Communication Studies
Sarah E Wilbanks, Advertising
Lindsey E Willette, Advertising
Jill Beth Williams, Public Relations
Samuel Lee Williams, Advertising
Sarah Holland Wilson, Journalism & Electronic Media
Harrison Tyler Wombles, Journalism & Electronic Media
Darby J Wood, Communication Studies
Datwuan Edward Works, Communication Studies
Mary Logan Yancey, Communication Studies

Undergraduate – Summer Graduates

Zachary Akey, Communication Studies
Scott Ferguson Arthur, Communication Studies
Audrey Rosalynn Baas, Communication Studies
Luke Jackson Baird, Journalism & Electronic Media
Deairrius Maurice Berryhill, Communication Studies
Cole Cabbage, Communication Studies
Peyton Brienne Carden, Communication Studies
Jonathan Nathaniel Chaffen, Communication Studies
Clark Edward Chambers, Communication Studies
Alec Z Coffman, Communication Studies
Kellie Costello, Communication Studies
Destiny Faith Derry, Journalism & Electronic Media
Emmaline Claire Dickman, Public Relations
Kyle James Domkowski, Communication Studies
Quinton Marcael Douglas, Journalism & Electronic Media
Holly Delaney Forche, Advertising
Claire Marie Franks, Communication Studies
Lauren Marie Hall, Communication Studies
Wendy Danielle Harmon, Advertising
Rachel Anne Horne, Communication Studies
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, Journalism & Electronic Media
Jarvis Deion Jones, Communication Studies
Gabrielle Amalia Read Kamolnick, Communication Studies
Katherine Elisabeth Kruger, Public Relations
Julia Lavrinovich, Advertising
Yulisia Lopez, Advertising
Kylee S Mangum, Communication Studies
Drake Thomas Martin, Communication Studies
Samantha Anne Mcintyre, Communication Studies
Elinor Frances Mcnally, Communication Studies
Gatlin Roger Mcpherson, Communication Studies
Ciera Leigh Noe, Journalism & Electronic Media
Shea T Payne, Journalism & Electronic Media
Amanda Lynn Restaino, Public Relations
Benito Ivan Santiago, Communication Studies
Daniel Mark Sassone, Communication Studies
Noah Thomas Shirley, Journalism & Electronic Media
Justin A Stewart, Communication Studies
Alyssa Paige Tolleson, Communication Studies
David Brummel Wall, Advertising
Marilyn Brooke Willett, Public Relations
Marisa Rachel Young, Communication Studies

Master’s Degree – Spring Graduates

Note: Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism & Electronic Media, and Public Relations denote the study concentration in the Communication & Information master’s program. Information Sciences specifies a Master’s Degree in Information Sciences.

Emily Elizabeth Amix, Information Sciences
Chelsea L. Babin, Journalism & Electronic Media
Jordan Brianne Begley, Information Sciences
Mary Grace Berry, Information Sciences
Emily M. Bland, Information Sciences
Ashley Michelle Brown, Information Sciences
Jessica Marie Brown, Journalism & Electronic Media
Louise Margaret Constance Brown, Journalism & Electronic Media
Baily Elizabeth Burnette, Information Sciences
Leah Parke Cannon, Information Sciences
Lana Ruth Cantrell, Information Sciences
Natalie Cleghorn, Information Sciences
Kristy Ley Cunningham, Information Sciences
Sarah Dark, Information Sciences
Savanna Nicole Draper, Information Sciences
Mary Dorothy Dunn, Information Sciences
Jessica Renea Fenn, Information Sciences
Stephanie Michele Garrett, Information Sciences
Sarah Elaine Smith Gonzalez, Information Sciences
Brandon Greco, Information Sciences
Samantha Jo Greeson, Information Sciences
Kamera Harris, Journalism & Electronic Media
Sheila Sherrill Hawthorne, Information Sciences
Jonathan Stewart Headrick, Information Sciences
Jennifer Lynn Heyboer, Information Sciences
Katharine Leigh Hill, Information Sciences
Casey Lynn Hillon, Communication Studies
Cameron Davis Holt, Journalism & Electronic Media
Bethany Jajardo Howard, Information Sciences
Anne Marie Howe, Information Sciences
Lucy Carr Jones, Information Sciences
Amanda Jean Kemppainen, Information Sciences
Lauren Killingsworth, Information Sciences
Frances Christine Lyons, Information Sciences
Kristen Elizabeth McBee, Information Sciences
Jessica Paige McClure, Information Sciences
Emily Ann McCutcheon, Information Sciences
Frankie Elizabeth McGinnis, Information Sciences
Krystal Marie Miller, Information Sciences
Amy Susannah Moore, Information Sciences
Erin Danielle Nunley, Information Sciences
Kierstyn Julianne Parker, Information Sciences
Angela Stinson Pillow, Information Sciences
Erin Nicole Piper, Information Sciences
Kamery Lawing Reynolds, Information Sciences
Nicholas Peter Sarafolean, Advertising
Beatriz Eugenia Satizabal, Public Relations
Tina Maria Shanklin, Journalism & Electronic Media
Alexander Ramon Sherry, Journalism & Electronic Media
Ashley Leashea Smith, Information Sciences
Clare Olivia Smith, Information Sciences
Natasha Smith-Washington, Information Sciences
Edward Marshall Sprenger, Information Sciences
Alexandria Paige Sutherland, Journalism & Electronic Media
Shelby Nicole Swafford, Information Sciences
Polly Ann Taylor, Information Sciences
Christy Thomas, Information Sciences
Daria Tyshchenko, Advertising
Jared Edward Charles Uncles, Information Sciences
John Isaac Ward, Journalism & Electronic Media
Erin Elizabeth Whitaker, Information Sciences
Joshua Avery Williams, Information Sciences
Mengfei Yang, Advertising

Master’s Degree – Summer Graduates

Note: Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism & Electronic Media, and Public Relations denote the study concentration in the Communication & Information master’s program. Information Sciences specifies a Master’s Degree in Information Sciences.

Clancy Anderson, Information Sciences
Jacob Martin Bilek, Information Sciences
Brice Bongiovanni, Information Sciences
William Denby Brandon, Information Sciences
Jonathan Lucas Braun, Journalism & Electronic Media
Diane Katherine Carr, Communication Studies
James Catalano, Information Sciences
Beth Christina Cavanaugh, Information Sciences
Lisa Ann Curtin, Information Sciences
Michael Dennis Driver, Information Sciences
Alicia D. Foster, Information Sciences
Heather Freeland, Information Sciences
Savannah Anne Gilbert, Information Sciences
Megan Hines, Information Sciences
Sonja Deanna Humphries, Information Sciences
Caitlyn Rose Jordan, Journalism & Electronic Media
Kylie T. Julius, Communication Studies
Victoria Nell, Information Sciences
Ashley Poort, Information Sciences
Katherine Rawson, Information Sciences
Heath Jacob Robinson, Information Sciences
Albert Salatka, Information Sciences
Christopher Wright Sanders, Information Sciences
Jacob Martin Teetzmann, Public Relations

PhD – Spring Graduates

Brandon Boatwright
Betsy DeSimone
Melissa Greene-Blye
Jason Daniel Smethers

PhD – Summer Graduates

Monique Freemon
Michelle Parker
Zhang Xu

2020 CCI Commencement Videos