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Hank Presents at Fall 2018 Mic/Nite

IS Assistant Professor Carolyn HankInformation Sciences Assistant Professor Carolyn Hank represented CCI at the November 8, 2018 UT Mic/Nite with her talk, “Dead, Dormant, Zoetic: Modeling the Blog Lifecycle.”

In her talk, Hank presented the challenges and persistence of digital ephemera in contrast to print ephemera. Her presentation draws from quantitative analysis of about 1500 blogs over a five-year period, providing insight into the extent and characteristics of those blogs that are continuously and actively published (zoetic); those that are still publicly available but no longer actively published (dormant); and those no longer available (dead). Represented as well are the “undead,” blogs that rise again after several years of inactivity.

UT’s Provost hosts Mic/Nite twice a year. The Pecha-Kucha format is a simple lecture format where presenters show and discuss 20 images for 20 seconds each. The objective is to communicate in a simple, quick format the research, creative and pedagogical work being done by UT faculty to foster a deeper appreciation for that work and to build connections for greater intellectual interaction throughout the campus.

All recent and past presentations are available at

The event draws a large crowd to the Relix Variety Theatre in Knoxville and generates excitement and discussion among faculty and staff across campus. Past CCI Mic/Nite presenters include: Suzie Allard (IS), Eric Haley (ADPR), Mark Harmon (JEM), Barb Kaye (JEM), Virginia Kupritz (CS), Michael Palenchar (ADPR), Vandana Singh (IS), Peiling Wang (IS), Courtney Wright (CS) Beth Avery Foster (ADPR), Laura Miller (CS), Nick Geidner (JEM) and Joan Rentsch (CS).