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Acknowledging Influence and Empowering Voices

Laura GamoLaura Gamo was born in Colombia and moved with her family to Florida when she was six. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina in 2016, she started her master’s studies in UT’s School of Advertising and Public Relations as the graduate assistant to the Chancellor’s Honors Program. Laura received an award from the Sammie Lynn Puett Endowment in Public Relations.
“I am finding my truth through words,” says Gamo. “As a woman of color and an immigrant to this country, I’ve become a unique hybrid as a student, an individual, and a professional. Having struggled to learn a new language and integrate myself into a host culture, I know the value of communicating with others and expressing ideas. More importantly, I recognize the need to empower and activate the voices of those who might be underrepresented or misunderstood.”
“I am extremely grateful for the assistantship that is enabling me to work toward these goals.”
In 2017, Gamo was selected from candidates across the country for a Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) fellowship from the American Association of Advertising Agencies. In addition to her full-time paid summer internship at R/GA in New York City, she participated in a virtual training series and in weekly agency-sponsored professional development workshops focused on the host agencies’ culture, work, skills, and expertise. As of January 2018, she is a public relations intern at The Tombras Group in Knoxville.
In her academic work, Gamo specializes in collecting data, reviewing and synthesizing literature, and supporting research projects on topics from crowdsourcing to sustainable communication.
“Fostering mutual understanding and bridge building—across cultures and between academia and the PR field—is a contribution I am excited to bring to this industry. My scholarships and graduate assistantship have not only made graduate school affordable but have also empowered me to pursue and benefit from some incredible opportunities. I am extremely grateful for the assistantship that is enabling me to work toward these goals.”