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CCI Faculty Receive Summer Research Funding

Summer ResesarchSeventeen CCI faculty members received funding support to work on a variety of summer research projects. “Having the block of time in the summer to focus on research projects is critically important to our faculty,” said CCI Associate Dean for Research Suzie Allard. “This research work will lead to publications and grant proposals well beyond the summer projects.”

  • Mike Kotowski (CS) was chosen by UT’s Office of Research and Engagement to join a select group of faculty from across the campus to attend the NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration May 4-5, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisana.  Faculty were selected based on engaging in a productive research agenda that might align with NIH priorities.  ORE provided registration support and CICS provided travel funding.
  • Stuart N. Brotman (JEM) and Emily Paskewitz (CS) were selected by UT’s Office of Research and Engagement to attend the  2017 Spring NSF Grants Conference in Louisville, Kentucky on June 5-6.  Two faculty were chosen from each college to attend across campus. Each faculty member must be engaged in a productive research agenda that would meet NSF priorities.  ORE provided registration support and CICS provided travel funding.
  • Fourteen CCI researchers were awarded Dean’s Summer Research Support (DSRS) funding to advance their research during the summer. The competitive award process recognized clearly articulated research proposals that were reviewed based on the following criteria:  potential for generating additional research funding (i.e., a proposal for external funding), potential for publication, and support for the faculty member’s research agenda. The following CCI faculty members received Dean’s Summer Research Support funding:
    1. Robyn Blakeman (ADPR): Advertising and Education: Closing the Gap
    2. Courtney Childers (ADPR): The Impact of Digital and Social Media on Moms and Advertising Agencies
    3. Moonhee Cho (ADPR):  Antecedents and Consequences of Authentic Sustainability Development Communication
    4. Kimberly Douglass (SIS): Adding Value to ACE Assets
    5. Beth Avery Foster (ADPR): Reducing Disparities in the Public Information Officers’ Provision of Health Information In Rural Communities through Social Media Monitoring
    6. Eric Haley (ADPR): Project 1: Multinational Brand Advertising Agencies’ Experiences with Digital Integration & Project 2: Multinational Brand Agency Account Management and Brand Strategy Professionals’ Experiences with Public Relations
    7. Mariea Hoy (ADPR): Parental Understanding of Child Influencer YouTube Videos as Advertising
    8. Emily Paskewitz (CS): How Conflict Communication Influences the Satisfaction and Probability of Family Farm Businesses
    9. Devendra Potnis (SIS): A Toolkit for Managing Success, Sustainability, and Scalability of Innovations in Public Libraries
    10. Joan Rentsch (CS): The Effects of Mindful Schools on Teacher Experience
    11. Amber Roessner (JEM): Jimmy Who?
    12. Carol Tenopir (SIS): The Role of Scholarly Publications in the Work of Academics
    13. Erin Whiteside (JEM): Imagining equity: Journalism, Gender and Title IX
    14. Awa Zhu (SIS): Shrinking Rights of Users: The Case of Interlibrary Loan