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Back in the States

I didn’t miss a beat. I’m back in the states and the eeriness of the phrase “same old same old” numbs me to the core. Don’t get me wrong, I’m elated to be home and reunited with my incredible and loving family, friends and animals, but I miss Australia more than I anticipated. I left a new home behind so abruptly. I wasn’t ready to come back. Yes, I had been there for three and a half months, but I needed more time. I loved the Aussie lifestyle. I believe it loved me back.

I guess this blog post is dedicated to reminiscing on the best experience of my life as I sit on my couch at almost two in the morning (because I’m still suffering from that awful jetlag), and watching the same channel I watched before I left for Sydney. Again, I’m beyond happy to be back, but I’m feeling so many different emotions and not sure how else to release them at the moment.

Since arriving in Atlanta two days ago from a thirty, almost forty-something hour trip back to the states from the place I now call a second home, I have been overwhelmed with anxiety and endless thoughts racing in my mind. Did I do everything I said I was going to do during my time in Australia? Could I have done something differently or spent my money wiser? Did I complete everything on the various lists I was given prior to heading down under?

The answer is yes, to all of those questions crashing through my head.

Of course, I’m going to wish I had done some things differently or maybe gone on one more Coogee to Bondi walk before leaving, and maybe even spend a little less money on food (oops), but I have to say I am beyond pleased with everything I did and wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, I did more than I imagined and had so many life-changing encounters with amazing people.


I want to share every little detail of my adventure with everyone here back home, but unfortunately, they won’t completely understand everything, and that’s okay. I shouldn’t expect them to. I’m sure I have already blown their Facebook feed up enough with all the pictures and videos, but I want to tell the world about my experience. It truly was untouchable and that of a dream. I never want to let go. I want to go back right now. I would do another twenty-something hour flight in a heartbeat just to go back even for a short time. Sydney, you hold a special piece of my heart and I promise I will see you again one day.