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CCI Doctoral Student Spotlight: Priyanki Sinha

Priyanki SinhaPriyanki Sinha is a PhD candidate from India with a concentration in Information Sciences.  She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Applications from West Bengal University of Technology and a MS degree in Library and Information Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.She is fluent in: Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali and is currently learning French.

Why did you choose College of Communication and Information at UT?
CCI is among the top 20 schools in the U.S. for Information Sciences. The faculty here engage in research in areas such as social media, data management and human-computer interaction that are in-line with my research interests. Also, an opportunity to work with some of the best researchers in my field led me to choose CCI.

What opportunities did you have to use the skills you have learned?

In the Ph.D. program, I learned about collaboration and teamwork. I had an opportunity to create and teach a new course to undergraduate students. I got a chance to teach in an online and face-to-face setting as well as to work on research projects and present my work at conferences.

What did you gain from CCI?

I was exposed to different research areas in information science. I worked on a variety of research projects, interacted with researchers and got an opportunity to share my research with academics in my field and beyond.

What courses/instructors were most influential in your doctoral program?

Human-Computer Interaction by Dr. Bilal was influential. In Human-Computer Interaction, I learned about challenges users face while interacting with information systems and how we researchers can help address those challenges.  

What is next for you?

I am interested in working with libraries. Libraries are constantly changing due to advancement in technology. There is scope for new initiatives and innovation. This gives me a chance to apply the skills and knowledge I acquired during the Ph.D. program. Also, I like to help people with their information needs. I am currently working as a student assistant with Pendergrass Library.

What is your advice for future Ph.D. students?

My advice is to build a community of friends and mentors to help you through a Ph.D. Keep looking out for courses, workshops and seminars to gain knowledge.

When you graduate you will be a part of the CCI family for life. What does it mean to you to be CCIFL?

Being at CCI has provided me with opportunities for holistic growth. I am proud to be associated with CCI. I aim to carry this legacy forward by helping students achieve their goals, maintain work ethics and contribute with teaching, research and service.

Prepared by the 2016-2017 CCI Spotlight Task Force

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