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39th Annual Research Symposium – February 1, 2017

symposium winnersCollege of Communication & Information
Patrick Auditorium
University of Tennessee
February 1, 2017



39th Annual Research Symposium Schedule
8:30 – 10:00 AM 

Registration/Breakfast (CCI 3rd Floor Lobby)

9:00 -10:00 AM

Poster Session (CCI 3rd Floor Lobby)

Poster Judges: 

10:00 – 11:00 AMSession 1 (Patrick Auditorium, 321 Communications Building)
     10:05 – 10:20Sally McMillian: Researching Student Success
     10:20 – 10:35Joan Rentsch: Facilitating Team Knowledge Building:  Once in a Lifetime
     10:35 – 10:50Marcelo Morandini: Research activities for achieving Biodiversity Monitoring HCIs Patterns & Strategies
     10:50 – 11:05Stuart Brotman: Developing the Net Vitality Index for the Global Broadband Internet Ecosystem
     11:05 – 11:15Abhijit Mazumdar: India vs Pakistan: Comparative Study of Anonymous Source Use in Political News
10:15 AM – 12:05 PMSession 2  (Patrick Auditorium)
     11:15 – 11:30Youngseek Kim: Scientists’ Data Reuse Behaviors: A Multi-Level Analysis
     11-30 – 11:45Mark Littmann: The Experience of Totality: How to Observe the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017
     11:45 – 11:55Monica Ihli: The Missing Link: Connecting Grant Records and Publication Metadata to Systematically Quantify Differences in Scientists’ Research Outcomes
12:10 – 1:20 PMLunch (Scripps Convergence Lab, 402 Communications Building)
1:25 – 2:20 PM Session 3 (Patrick Auditorium)
     1:30 – 1:45Mariea Hoy: Do Consumers Read Disclosures:  Field of Dreams or Impossible Dream?
     1:45 – 2:00Wade Bishop: What is where and who cares?
     2:00 – 2:15Amber Roessner: Dixie Whistles a Different Tune:   Covering the Rise of Jimmy Carter & ‘Peanutville, U.S.A
     2:15 – 2:25Jamie Greig: Putting “Mainstream” Into Context: Analysis of the use of the term “mainstream media” by US media
2:25 – 3:20 PMSession 4 (Patrick Auditorium)
     2:25 – 2:40Arthur Leal: Identifying the Most Importance Social and Technical Skills for Agricultural Communication Graduates
     2:40 – 2:55Emily Paskewitz: When Work and Family Merge: Understanding Intragroup Conflict Experiences in Family Farm Businesses
     2:55 – 3:10Michael Martinez: Monkey Selfie: A Proposed Resolution to the Enigma of Copyright Ownership
     3:10 – 3:20Elizabeth Hurst: How Russia is using the Syring Refugee Crisis: Framing & Agenda Setting in Moscow Times and TASS Russian News Agency
     3:20 – 3:40Danielle Pollock: Research Data Services in European & North American Libraries: Current Offerings & Plans for the Future
     3:40 – 3:50Dawn Corwin: Teaching about Title IX & Sexual Harassment: Exploring the Training Differences between Large & Small Universities
     3:50 – 4:00Melissa Greene-Blye: Good Indians, Bad Indians & the Battle for Identity: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Press Coverage of the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana
4:00 – 4:20 PMClosing Remarks & Awards Ceremony (Patrick Auditorium)