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CCI Graduate Spotlight: Denae D'Arcy

Denae D'Arcy

Denae D’Arcy graduated this May with her PhD in Communication and Information with a concentration in journalism and electronic media. Her research focuses on freelance journalists who cover conflict in areas of unrest. Denae studies what influences their work on various levels such as organizational, ideological, and practical. She will soon head to Pakistan to continue her research as a Fulbright Scholar. While in Pakistan, she will also teach journalism classes in English and present about culture in the United States. Denae’s dissertation is entitled, “Freelancers on the Frontline: Influences on Conflict Coverage.”

Continue reading to learn more about Denae’s experience and advice about studying at the University of Tennessee!

What is your educational background?

I earned my Master’s of Art degree from the University of Westminster in London with an emphasis on International Journalism. I was drawn to UT because of the highly regarded research programs and a University of Tennessee PhD alumni member suggested that I apply.

What advice do you have for students considering a PhD program?

Students considering a PhD should know that it is a lot of work. My advice would be to start making good contacts with professors early and listen when they give advice about planning your research agenda. If you can focus on a specific research area during your time as a student, the dissertation is much easier and you can market yourself as someone with knowledge of the topic in your field.

What experiences have you had here at UT while in the program that have helped you prepare for the future?

Being a graduate student at the University of Tennessee has prepared me to enter the research world with a strong foundation. While my professional life in this area is just beginning, I have the skills to pursue knowledge with confidence. My time working with my dissertation chair, Dr. Catherine Luther, prepared me to pursue and produce high quality research. I am also very thankful for the Chancellor’s Professional Promise award this year. That is such an unexpected honor!