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How to Turn on the Projector

  • Hit the Projector On button on the wall
  • Wait a few seconds for the Projector to warm up
  • To raise and lower screen use the switch labeled screen up/screen down

How to get the Projector into sleep mode

  • Hit the Pic Mute button
  • To wake it back up hit the Pic Mute button again
  • Wait a few seconds

Hooking up computer (VGA-Yellow Dot), If using personal computer. VGA cord is in the drawer on the right side of the podium. It is recommended to use the computer already there.

  • Hook VGA cable to the video out port on the computer
  • Connect audio cable into the headphone jack, audio out
  • If using a mouse, use the Dell USB mouse on the podium
  • Ensure that under RGBHV the laptop button is lit up, if not press it
  • To get the sound to work, turn volume control on the wall all the way up until the red light glows next to it, then adjust for preference
  • To mute sound hit audio mute
  • Hit audio mute again to cancel

Audio Only (VGA)

  • Video cable does not have to be hooked up
  • Hook audio cable into headphone jack, turn volume up until the red light glows then adjust for preference
  • Ensure that laptop button under RGBHV is lit up
  • Also there is a cord in the back of the Receiver next to the computer that will plug into a headphone jack
  • Projector does not have to be on, but the button still has to be pressed

 Using PC provided (HDMI-Blue Dot)

  • Ensure gold HDMI cable is connected to laptop
  • Hit the On button on the receiver next to the computer
  • Push the VCR/DVR button or Laptop HDMI to select the HDMI input
  • On wall, hit Projector On, give it a few seconds to warm up, make sure HDMI button is lit
  • To use audio, open from left door to reveal the speakers, leave them there or move them around
  • Volume is controlled by the receiver, adjust master volume on the receiver as needed

Troubleshooting HDMI

  • If picture shows up on projecto screen and not computer screen go to: Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Display
  • On the left hand side of the screen there is a list of options, choose connect to a projector, then select duplicate
  • If sound does not work/speakers are silent, go to start menu,  control panel, then hardware and sound
  • Click on sound and make sure HT-R390 device is selected


 Flash Drive

  • Hook drive into the USB port on the computer
  • If the drive is unfamiliar give it a few seconds to install the device so the computer can read it
  • After this is complete go back to the start menu and select computer
  • Under the devices with removable storage section, double click on the drive named “something (E:)”
  • the name of the device can change but as long as (E:) is after it that is the flash drive.
  • double clict on it to open the flash drive, then double click on the file that needs to be opened
  • To eject go down to the icons by the clock, look for one that looks like a flash drive
  • left click on it then click on eject drive
  • It is now safe to remove from the computer


  • For all microphones on bottom shelf left hand side, ensure that Amplivox main power is on and red light is on
  • For the wired microphone flip switch to on
  • For the wired microphone make sure that the plug is plugged into the jack that says dynamic
  • For the wireless microphone hold power button to turn on
  • For the wireless microphone ensure that the Amplivox Aux switch under main power switch is flipped on

Mac Mini (Yellow Dots)

  • Turn on by hitting the power button on the back of the machine next to all of the ports
  • Ensure reciever is turned on, if not hit on/standby button on Onkyo receiver
  • On wall turn projector on, wait a few seconds for it to warm up
  • Under video make sure HDMI button is lit, if not push the HDMI button
  • IGNORE audio icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • Audio is controlled by the receiver, adjust master volume as needed.
  • Open front left door on podium to expose speakers, they can be moved as needed

Flash Drive (Mac Mini)

  • To use flash drive plug it into a USB port in the back of the machine
  • The drive should appear on the desktop screen automatically
  • Double click drive to open and double click file to open file
  • To eject the drive go to finder under devices and click the eject butto next to the drive. 
  • It is now safe to remove