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2. Setup

In 402F you should be sure to turn off the overhead light if it is on and close the shades to minimize outside lighting. There’s a table lamp next to the computer so you can see what you are doing if it’s dark. You should also drop the mini-blinds on the observation window but open them up if you want to observe directly.

The small audio mixer should be powered on and the phantom power light should be turned on (it indicates power to the microphones suspended in the Focus Group Room.)

The computer/monitor/speaker bar should also be powered on and logged into the XXX account.

John & Patty Williams Conference Room System operation

  • To turn TV on flip the switch on the bottom of the tv next to the mute button, wait a second for it to warm up
  • To turn Mac Mini on (which is located on the right side behind the tv, push power button on the left side of the Mac, wait a second for it to warm up
  • You can control the inputs from the input button on the tv or from the different buttons on the remote
  • DVI- main input, used with the Mac Mini
  • VGA- used for personal laptop hook up (yellow dot)
  • TV- used to find regular tv channels
  • USB cords (blue dots)- use a cord to plug up the keyboard and mouse for use with the Mac Mini
  • Also if using a flash drive plug it into the other cord, it should appear automatically on the desktop
  • If it does not go to Finder, Devices, double click on the drive to open it then double click on the file to open it

Video Conference Tandberg (yellow dot)

  • Plug VGA cord into port under the table
  • To turn on flip the switch at the very bottom of the tower, wait a few seconds to warm up
  • Turn TV to the VGA input to bring up the Tandberg main screen
  • Ensure the camera is hooked up to the tower because the remote sensor is in it

Main Menu Tandberg

  • Make a call- connect with anoter tower for video conference
  • Standby- puts the machine into sleep mode for breaks
  • Camera control-use arrow keys on radial button of remote to control where the camera points and use the zoom button on the right side of the remote to zoom in or out
  • Presentation-different options for choosing how to do a presentation
  • Services-provides an option for streaming the presentation or recording
  • Control panel- has a variety of support functions for the system

Important buttons on the Remote

  • Self view-makes the camera look into the conference room
  • Layout- duplicates the screen so the room and the other people in the conference can be seen at the same time on the same screen
  • Green On Button- turns system on and wakes it up from standby mode
  • Red Hang up Button- puts the system into sleep mode immediately