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Littmann’s Brainchild Gets International Attention

Mark Littmann

The UT Science Communication Initiative (SCI) is the brainchild of JEM Professor Mark Littmann (Hill Chair of Excellence in Science Writing).  Its purpose is to prepare researchers and scientists with the oral and written communication skills necessary to effectively communicate the goals, objectives and achievements of their work.  Among those contributing to the center’s work are JEM Associate Professor Bob Legg and CS Associate Professor Ken Levine. 

In September 2012, Littmann, Legg and UT English Associate Professor Russell Hirst traveled to France to participate in a session at a weeklong International Conference on Science Communication.  In January, a prominent European blogger, Mathieu Rouault, praised the session as one of the most insightful, important and novel European academic and scientific world sessions he has attended.  The article was originally written in French and is roughly translated in the attached pdf

Legg said, “This blog is of particular interest because it shows we are in the vanguard of this emerging area of global need.”

SCI has been leading workshops with graduate students for the past four years.  Much of the funding has been provided by grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.  The skills developed help science communicators deliver messages to the general public through popular science writing, improved technical writing, interpersonal communication and corporate news and entertainment media.