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Erwin Penland Panelists



Kevin is a shining example of our entrepreneurial spirit. Years ago, when he saw the burgeoning field of digital marketing as an opportunity for us and our clients, he formed a team of designers and digital architects and got to work. Today, that team is one of the most capable and effective digital talents in the country, consistently beating out some of the largest agencies in the field.  Much of their success can be traced back to Kevin’s mind, wherein you’ll find a deep understanding of consumer psychology and a vast knowledge of digital capabilities. Kevin will tell you, clients need more than websites. To engage consumers, clients must create an experience, an interaction, a moment where a brand and a human being make a meaningful connection. That’s how relationships are made, and that’s what Kevin does best.

Key experience: Verizon, Michelin, Denny’s, Lennar, LexisNexis, GM, Quicken Loans and Hanes




Rich is the creative center of an amazingly creative powerhouse of programmers, designers, media professionals and analysts.  Our digital practice has grown because we’ve brought our clients solutions that aren’t merely catchy or innovative or fun (although they are often all those things).  Rich is looking to create integrated digital solutions that are on-strategy and drive sales. 

Key Experience: Advance America, BI-LO, BMW, Lennar, Lockheed Martin, Michelin, ScanSource, Uniroyal, Verizon




Many agencies do front-end marketing: banners, websites, eblasts. And Curtis and his team do all of that exceptionally well. But as far as we know, we’re the only agency that also does back-end development to help our clients operate with greater efficiency and control. Take, for example, a product Curtis and his team developed called Dynamic Builder. With it, companies like Verizon, Sears and Denny’s can easily manage marketing materials on demand for local advertising, in-store and sponsorships. Using templates and an easy-to-use interface, our clients can use branded flyers, banner, posters and eblasts, all in a fraction of the time and without agency involvement. There are also apps for creating newsletters with built-in metrics tracking, managing brand assets like images, logos and partner logos, and tracking contractual commitments with brand partners. All in all, Curtis has a suite of Brand Management applications ready to go. And he and his team of developers are ready and capable to make anything that our clients require.

Key Experience: Verizon Wireless, Denny’s, Sears, General Motors, CarMax, Broadcom 




Anish believes in being in a state of beta, and is passionate about technology, design and Formula-1. He loves digital not as a medium but as a platform for constantly incubating creativity. As a Digital Strategist at Erwin Penland, Anish helps create successful digital strategies for clients and strengthens the agency’s understanding of digital marketing, technology and consumer behavior. He brings a deep understanding of consumer behavior from his previous experience as an Account Planner.

Prior to joining Erwin Penland, Anish worked as a Consumer Marketing Intern at Hamilton Beach and as an Account Executive at Draft FCB in India. He earned his Master of Science degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Creative Brand Management from VCU Brandcenter.

Key experience: Advance America, BI-LO, Verizon.




Brittany’s been a rising star at Erwin Penland since joining the agency straight from the University of Tennessee (she grew up in Knoxville). Since then, she’s completed her MBA at Clemson, helped one of America’s most iconic brands — L’eggs — curb sales declines for the first time in a decade, and lead our Michelin and Uniroyal clients to fully integrate their traditional and digital marketing strategies. She’s known for surpassing expectations, being a tireless advocate for her clients, and understanding day-to-day needs while at the same time ensuring that everything supports the bigger picture.

Key Experience: L’eggs, Michelin, Uniroyal