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Medical Xpress Publishes Article Co-Authored by CCI's Michael Kotowski

CCI’s assistant professor of Communication Studies, Michael Kotowski has co-authored an article recently published by Medical Xpress.
Verbal Aggression: You May Have Picked it up in The Womb, Says New Study
Research on the communication trait of verbal aggressiveness, which includes behavior like name calling, ridicule, insults, racial epithets and threats, has tended to focus on its social causes.
The study, “The Effect of Prenatal Sex Hormones on the Development of Verbal Aggression,” was published in the Journal of Communication (Vol. 62 No. 5) and its authors include Michael R. Kotowski, assistant professor of communication, UT, and Franklin J. Boster and Timothy R. Levine, both professors of communication at Michigan State University.
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