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CCI Launches New Web Site

New CCI Web Site

CCI launched a new website at the end of September, which features a new look with greater functionality and responsive design features to allow the website to be viewed on a variety of user devices. The site also incorporates UT Knoxville’s “Big Orange, Big Ideas” campaign, to provide the website with a new look that is consistent with UT-branded materials.

According to CCI Dean Mike Wirth, “Responsive designs enable our webpages to adjust depending on the user’s viewing device.” For older sites, viewing them on a smartphone, for example, meant the page was miniaturized and virtually unusable. With the use of responsive designs, the webpages now transform to fit the screen in a more usable format and offer pull-down menus which can be easily viewed.

The back end of the process has involved incorporation of new server technologies. The web conversion team also utilized web analytics and survey information as it developed the new pages following university guidelines. Updates to the content and additional information will be added now that the new pages are available.

Even the content management system is experiencing a makeover. “Enabling a multitude of users to keep the content fresh and accurate is critical to offering users the best web experience possible,” said CCI Director of Technology John McNair. As the faculty and staff of the college provide updates and new content for the site, suggestions and ideas are welcome and can be submitted to the CCI Web Team at

The direct site links to CCI’s websites are as follows:


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