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Technology Footprint Expands at CCI


The technology footprint continues to expand at CCI.  Recent additions and soon to be added tools are quickly changing the landscape of research, classroom engagement and resources available to students, staff, and faculty.  This is the first of a series of articles which will highlight some of CCI’s exciting new technology tools.

New Digital Production Boards at WUTK

WUTK has just installed new Axia iQ broadcast consoles which replace some very outdated production boards that were beginning to wear down from use.  With over 75 students a semester working on air at WUTK, the wear and tear on the equipment eventually takes its toll.  The iQ board is Axia’s newest IP console moving WUTK into the digital age. The Four Show Profile memory positions allow users to set, save and recall snapshots of console settings for later use (news broadcasts, specialty show use, in-studio performances and interviews, and much more). High-resolution Organic LED meters are built in, and OLED displays on every fader show source assignments, pan & balance settings, fader options and more  with no additional monitors or mice required.  The new consoles allow for expansion frames and everything can be controlled from outside the studio via the internet.  It is much smaller and lighter, and it allows for more inputs.  

The new consoles also allow the newsroom to become a second production room, which alleviates many of the back-up issues previously experienced.  This extra production capability allows WUTK to offer more students a hands-on experience as it continues to  fulfill its important mission for the School of Journalism and Electronic Media.

In addition to the new consoles, WUTK acquired a new remote broadcast system that allows it to carry live remotes digitally (i.e., it no longer needs to carry remotes over a phone patch).  This opens up more potential for WUTK to bring in revenue by broadcasting from remote locations, including live performances, with much higher sound quality than was achievable via a phone patch. 

The final piece of equipment purchased by WUTK was a a new digital EAS unit (Emergency Alert System), as required of all radio stations by the FCC.

Focus Group Room Scripps Convergence LabNew Equipment for the Scripps Convergence Lab Focus Group Room

The Scripps Convergence Lab focus group room recently received a major upgrade.  In addition to the one-way window between the focus group room and the observation room and the the video conferencing set up that was part of the room from day one, inconspicuous ceiling mounted microphones and a remote controlled video camera have now been added.  Microsoft Expression Encoder software was also added to the observation room next door to capture focus group video and audio and to produce a Windows Media File for future review. 

Installation of the new technology dramatically increases the research functionality of the focus group room.  It also provides students with a much better environment in which to learn how to conduct focus group research. 

McNair demonstrates encoder