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Carroll New Chair of CCI Board of Visitors

Bonnie CarBonnie Carrollroll, founder and president of Information International Associates (IIa) in Oak Ridge, TN, is the new chair of the College of Communication and Information’s Board of Visitors (BOV).  With a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree in library and information science from Columbia University, she is the first non-UT Knoxville alum and first person with an information science background to serve as BOV chair.

“I am very grateful to Bonnie for agreeing to lead the college’s Board of Visitors, said CCI Dean Mike Wirth. “She is a great supporter of CCI and one of most innovative thinkers with whom I have ever worked. The BOV could not be in better hands as we tackle the complex issues with which we are faced.”

Paisleigh Jo Kelley presents "A Student Perspective", Scholarship Donor DinnerDuring her two-year term as chair, Carroll hopes to increase Board engagement throughout the year with specific emphasis on helping to develop more synergy across CCI’s four schools.  In particular, she has asked BOV members to help identify opportunities to expand existing programs/research efforts by individual schools to include faculty and/or students from other schools within the college.  Carroll sees this synergy developing in the way we work, the way we play and the way we think. The merging of digital technologies and its impact on traditionally “stove piped” information disciplines provides both a challenge and a real opportunity for CCI. She sees this impact in the strategic planning she does for her own company, Information International Associates. 

“Bringing together two or more functioning entities to produce a result greater than they could independently achieve, is what synergy is all about,” said Carroll. “The goal for CCI is to find ways to identify important niches from this synergy that distinguish CCI. I believe we can build larger audiences, increase funding, and achieve superior results by identifying projects that lend themselves to cross-school partnerships.”  

Carroll is an internationally recognized leader in the field of information sciences. She is a fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a past president of the American Society for Information Science & Technology and a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council’s Board on Research Data and Information. Her company, IIa, provides expertise in information management and innovative applications of technologies to its world-wide client base. 

CCI BOV 2011 Fall Meeting October 14 & 15

The CCI Board of Visitors is made up of professionals from private industry and other external organizations that provide advice, counsel and financial support to help CCI improve its programs, curriculum and facilities. BOV members work as ambassadors on behalf of CCI to the information and communications industry, potential donors, prospective students and the university as a whole.  (For more information about the BOV see