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What’s New in CCI?

Updates to CCI

CCI continued to upgrade its facilities and equipment during the past year. Some of the recently completed projects include:

  • The newly renovated Advertising/Public Relations suite of offices including a new doorway connecting the school’s Communications Building offices to its Student Services Building offices.
  • The purchase and installation of new digital audio boards and Emergency Alert System equipment (as required by the FCC) for WUTK. 
  • The addition of sound-resistant doors to the classrooms on the third floor, enhancing the learning experience for students.
  • New choir microphones and remote/rotatable video equipment installed in the Scripps Lab Focus Group room and a computer work station with software and capture capabilities added to the Observation room, enhancing the ability of the two rooms to be used for focus group studies and analysis. 

The CCI/ORNL User Experience Lab added eye-tracker hardware/software that allows student and faculty researchers the ability to collect observational data and utilize software to study the eye movement of subjects as they view web sites. The data and analysis obtained from eye-tracker studies provide insights into how to build more effective web sites.

In the coming months, more projects are slated for completion, including the Communication Studies’ Message Effects Lab that will allow CCI researchers to study the effects all types of messages have on subjects. A similar lab at the University of Kentucky has been used to conduct studies to determine the most effective messages for preventing or deterring illegal drug use and for conveying health information. Completion of the lab is expected in early spring. 

The dean’s suite of offices on the third floor will have new carpet installed starting on December 12 and ending around the first of the year. The lengthy process is due to the need to remove all asbestos tile prior to installation of the new carpet.