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Comm Studies Makes the Grade


A successful Academic Program Review (APR) of CCI’s School of Communication Studies (CS) was completed during the 2012 spring semester. The team that reviewed the communication studies program was composed of faculty members from the University of Illinois, the University of Kentucky and UT Knoxville.  The highly positive review report was a testament to the hard work that members of the communication studies faculty and staff have put into building the program over the last decade and in prior years.

The APR reviewers summarized their view of the program as follows. 

“The School of Communication Studies is making extremely good use of its limited resources. It provides top notch undergraduate opportunities, and it has developed a research profile that is commensurate with a research intensive university. The School also appears well positioned to achieve even greater successes. It is already contributing in a substantial way to the University’s Top 25 aspiration through its outstanding undergraduate major and its excellent delivery of general education courses. It is also making moves to increase the research standing of the University, both through its efforts to raise its own research profile and through its collaborative interdisciplinary work. In short, the School of Communication Studies appears to be on the rise, and its trajectory is entirely consistent with the University’s Top 25 aspirations.”

CS Director John Haas said, “We are gratified to be recognized as a program on the rise, and we look forward to taking on the challenges required to take the program to new heights.” 

“I am very grateful to Dr. Haas and his faculty and staff for their commitment to build the School of Communication Studies into a Top 25 program,” said CCI Dean Mike Wirth. “This Academic Program Review reflects very positively on the excellent work taking place and the progress that’s been made to move the school forward.”

Academic Program Reviews

Academic program reviews at the University of Tennessee take place on a ten year cycle. They are the primary means used by the university to evaluate the effectiveness of its units in teaching, research/creative activity, and service.